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Hey There I'm Bonnie Blu! A wedding photographer in Atlanta who loves capturing love stories and providing my creative techniques to bring your glorious day full circle. I put all my passion and creativity into freezing your day in time for generations to see. Every love story deserve a legacy. 

Before becoming a wedding photographer I worked in customer service for 7 years. I never understood why people that didn't like dealing with others took the job. Well I love people! I love my passion (photography) and love giving my couples a full experience when they decide to not only make me their wedding photographer but a support system for your day and a friend for life!

I have to admit that Disney ensured me that everyone has their own fairytale with a happy ending and I'm here to document it!

When capturing your day I focus on all the things we spoke about that were important to you and also the things you may have forgotten that are still very important and you'd appreciate. You've invested time and money into your gown/tux, decor, food, accessories etc, I make sure to capture it all for you so when your mind is busy the day of I've got your back on the little and big things.

Wedding days can go quite fast and you stay busy prepping and getting things in order. From the first look where your loved one may shed a tear or crack a huge smile, to mom, dad, grandpa, or auntie giving smiles of approval and the besties supporting you with hugs, tears and laughter, I'm there so you don't miss a beat.

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Our goal is to capture pure emotions of you and everyone near and dear to your heart in Atlanta or Worldwide while also giving jaw dropping bridal portraits and offering a flawless and stress free wedding photography experience.

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I grow such a strong bond with all of my brides through their wedding day process. Some I've known for years prior and some I just meet during our consultation. You all tell me your love story and vision for your wedding day and intrust that I will capture it all perfectly for you.

Bonnies Brides are not just looking for the best photographer but also someone they can trust, take advice from, and know that I will serve because it is in me to cater to my brides, the small details tell as much of a story as the big ones. You deserve more than a photographer to show up quickly capture some images without capturing the meaningful moments, and end your experience with delivering the photos.

You deserve a memorable experience that you can share to all!

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Established 2008

Bonnie Blu

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"Bonnie thought of ideas I did not which added value and memories to our day. She rolls with the flow fast paced or slow. She's positive in the most stressful situations!
I highly recommend her."
- Ciara M.

Studies show that as we age our memories sometimes fade. Even still when we are one hundred we may not remember the colors of your bouquet or the haircut hubby had. Photography etches your visual story in history. 

When you are with your children, nieces or nephews, your friends and loved ones asking about your lineage you will have something to show them to complete the story you are telling. 

You can have conversations about how styles have changed, the favorite moments of the day, what family members attended and how beautiful everything came together.

These are memories you will showcase on your walls, send to family and friends and have as a lifetime keepsake.

I develop a lasting relationship with my bride and grooms to follow them on their journey past their wedding to preserve their life's most important moments beautifully. 

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