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Greetings Bride to be and congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you, with all the planning I understand it may be tiring or overwhelming. You are planning one of the best days of your life and get one shot at it. Everyone knows the significance of having the right wedding photographer for your wedding. After all, these are the photos that will fill your walls and your family's walls for the rest of your lives. My goal is to make this piece to your wedding planning as easy as a slice of  cake. Photography is more than just pictures, its the preservation of your wedding day. You not only deserve beautiful pictures but an amazing photographic experience with a photographer you can trust. Below I have the process I take all my couples through to insure I provide amazing service to you!

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Finding a great photographer you connect with can be exciting and a daunting task. You may have question on the process, will we meet?
For your wedding day you want a photographer you like, trust and know! Your consultation is where we get to know each other. I will know how to cater to you best when we have a thorough phone conversation.

If we make a great connection with positive vibes then we can join together on your wedding journey via a simple booking agreement. We make sure your date is saved and secure by signing your agreement and placing your retainer. I will send you a booking email with your contract and invoice where you can pay your retainer and set up your payment plan and make everything official!

meeting & planning

After you book your wedding, we will schedule a date for your engagement session.To begin your session we also have some light planning to do. This is where we search for a venue or location, what time of year, color scheme, and the details that will highlight your personalities. I'll review and give suggestions for your outfits and coach you through posing for your session.

Once they are done and edited we will review your session so we can decide  your favorite poses for your day as well as images for your invitations, website and album.

 Engagement sessions are wonderful practice for your wedding day so you'll be picture perfect the day of and ready.

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Engagement Session

Final Planning


Don't sweat the details! In our final meeting before your wedding we will review your timeline and the details of your day including: arrival time, desired poses, family portrait request, potential pre wedding images like first look ,bridesmaid reveal or reveal for parent and more.

During this time we will discuss any concerns again so you can be confident in what will be photographed.

I will do everything I can to ensure your day will run smoothly and be well prepared.


We Have Arrived! 
You wedding day is here and all the planning and hard work has come to fruition.I'll be with you through our planned time. I will also stay connected with your planner to ensure my presence enhances your event.  I believe in capturing every moment of your day including the subtle significances that can rush past you.I will do everything in my power to make sure you are picture perfect throughout your day while your living your dream.

My goal is to capture your day filled with love, emotion, passion and positivity.

Your wedding day

Cloud 9. While you are on cloud 9 I will be diligently editing your images. After, we will meet to review all of your images and the ones that stand out for your album creation.Capturing your perfect wedding photos takes skill, time and creativity.

It is here that you see the fruits of our hard work and your investment. This meeting is so rewarding!

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forever client

Let's Chat

I not only want to leave a lasting impression on all of my brides but I believe your wedding is the beginning of  a beautiful relationship. 

During the next years i'd love to document your milestones, family portraits, holiday sessions and so much more.

Knowing you and your preferences are one of the reasons to stay loyal to as we grow together and create epic imagery of your life's best moments. I love all my clients and look forward to an exciting, creative and special journey with you and your hubby to be!

" I Know I've made a friend in Bonnie!
Her service, dedication, morals and support is unmatched!"
- Meghan S.

"Prioritizing photography is so important when you realize you can not bring the decor, cake, venue and moments home with you. Your husband and photos are what you have left when your glorious day is done.

"Your memories should be preserved in time for all to see."
They are not only for your legacy but a reminder of your love on a daily basis.

xoxo Bonnie Blu

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